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Sometimes I will need to see an uploaded photo in order to make an accurate online diagnosis. You’re probably thinking “she must be kidding me.” But, this is especially true when evaluating skin problems and sexually transmitted infections. A photo is of much higher quality than the video link is. Please see the Genital Dermatology page to determine whether or not a photo is needed.

I understand your hesitation and leeriness to uploading a photo of “down there” to the internet. But, you will have complete control of your photo. You may delete the photo immediately after the appointment is over. If you choose to delete the photo after your visit then Dr. Tomlinson would be the only person who could view it on Amwell.

Steps to Sharing a Picture for Online Diagnosis

1) Take a picture of the problem on the skin. You may need to spread the labia (lips) apart with your fingers. If the photo is to check for a sexually transmitted infection then please include your vulva, perineum (the area between your vulva and the anus), and anus. You may need to take more than one photo to show the entire area affected. Please zoom in on problem spots as much as possible.

2) You may wish to eliminate identifying information from the picture. Do not include your face in the photo. You may check the background of your picture to make sure that there aren’t any papers, wall-hangings, or screen images with your name or address.

3) At the beginning of your Amwell visit, you will enter your health information like your past medical history. At the bottom of this page will be an area to upload your photo.

4) To delete the photo at the end of your visit, go to the “my records” tab at the top of the screen. Choose the “health record” option. At the very bottom of the page there is a purple “attachments” space. Click the red “X” on the right to delete the photo attachment.

Your privacy is very important to us. Again, your photo can only be seen on Amwell by Dr. Tomlison if you delete it at the end of the visit.

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