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Menopause Management

It is inevitable that women will experience perimenopause and menopause.  For some the transition is easy; for others, the transition can be incredibly disruptive to their quality of life.  Most women will have some bothersome symptoms. Online Women’s Healthcare is here to guide you through this time of life.

Symptoms that we can help with include

  • The changes in periods that lead up to the end--periods often become heavier and less predictable
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats and sleep disruption
  • Mood changes including irritability or sadness
  • Vaginal tissue that may become more dry and tight, leading to painful sex

Treatments are tailored for you and may include

  • Hormone replacement therapy with oral pills, skin patches, and skin creams
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy with oral pills, skin cream, and troches
  • Compounded hormone treatments
  • Vaginal estrogen therapy with tablets, creams, suppositories, and rings
  • Complementary therapies including lifestyle changes, herbs, and supplements
  • Overall health assessment to reduce disease risk

We would be honored to assist you!

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