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Infertility Treatment

Fertility problems can be overwhelming and many people are concerned about the cost of infertility care.  See the same expert gynecologist who can guide you through the process. We are committed to providing best-practice treatment for infertility at the lowest possible cost.  Prescriptions for ovulation (with femara, letrozole, and clomid) are available.  

What to expect

  • Testing tailored to your unique risk factors.  This creates huge cost savings.  
  • Treatment and testing performed in a step-wise fashion which also provides big cost savings.  For instance, fallopian tube problems are not very common, so we don’t need to check the fallopian tubes unless other treatments are not working.  If we are not successful with one step, then we move to the next step which may involve more testing. 
  • A clear, written plan for how to manage your cycle, when and how to get testing done, and what the next steps could be.  

Some of the services that we provide include

Evaluation for the cause of infertility

  • Ovulation problems:  the #1 cause of infertility
  • Sperm problems:  the #2 cause of infertility
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis 
  • Hormone abnormalities
  • Infections of the cervix

Ultrasound evaluation to check for

  • Ovarian cysts
  • Progress towards ovulation
  • Signs of endometriosis
  • Blocked fallopian tubes

Medication for

  • Endometriosis management
  • Ovulation induction with femara, letrozole, and clomid
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)-related fertility issues
  • Prolactin hormone problems
  • Thyroid problems

Laboratory evaluation for

  • Assessing whether ovulation occurred or not
  • Hormone problems including thyroid, progesterone, and prolactin 
  • Cervical infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia
  • Semen analysis including sperm count

Integration of home testing like

  • Basal body temperature charting
  • Menstrual tracking
  • Ovulation predictor kits 

Preconception counseling including

  • Assessment of lifestyle, medical problems, medications, and supplements
  • Gene carrier screening for cystic fibrosis, SMA, fragile X, and more
  • Genetic screening for people of Jewish heritage
  • Immunity screening for rubella and varicella

We would be honored to assist you!

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