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Frequently Asked Questions

New patients:  a 30 minute visit is $99

Existing patients:  a 15 minute visit is $49

If you wish to spend more time working together, then please block two consecutive time slots.

The schedule your visit button will take you to my Amwell page.  Amwell is a telemedicine platform that provides a HIPPA secure video link, messaging, scheduling, and patient portal.  If you are having a scheduling issue then please contact me.

You may contact me and I will try to accommodate your preferred time.

This may happen if I don’t hold a license in your state.  You may contact me and I will try to find a solution.

What states do you work in --> I can see anyone who is in Colorado, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah, and Washington at the time of their visit. Around May 1 2020 I will also be able to see women in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

You may submit the visit notes to your insurance company for reimbursement as I am unable to bill the insurance company directly.  The visit notes are immediately available on the Amwell site. There are many ways to reduce the cost of your healthcare [link to] and I strive to find low-cost solutions for my clients.  When you submit the note to your insurance company, you may want to include my provider identification document.

In general, the medications, labs, and ultrasounds that I order can be billed through your insurance.  Please note that I cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover these--you may contact your insurance company for specific coverage information.

Yes, medication can be prescribed to the pharmacy of your choice.  Medication for “controlled substances” like opioids and valium cannot be prescribed.  

You may choose compounded medication for hormone replacement therapy.  A compounded medication is mixed up at the pharmacy--instead of being made at a factory and distributed by a pharmacy.  Unless you have a preferred compounding pharmacy, I use Prescription Alternatives in Frisco, Colorado.  

I recommend checking GoodRX to compare the cost of your medication at different pharmacies.  Your insurance will generally cover medication ordered by an out of network provider but most insurance companies will not cover compounded medications.*

Not routinely.  Routine pelvic and physical exams have not been shown to be helpful in detecting health problems or in improving health outcomes.  Similarly, clinical breast exams have not been shown to be valuable in low-risk patients. Why are routine exams still done? Because that is what patients and physicians are used to doing.  Who wants a routine pelvic exam if they don’t need one? Certainly not me!  

With telemedicine, we can evaluate the vulva with photos, and the uterus and ovaries with ultrasound.  We can use over the counter testing of vaginal discharge to assess vaginal health. We are unable to visualize the vaginal walls or the cervix because that requires the use of a speculum.  If I feel that you need an in-person exam then I will let you know.  

I will need to see a picture of the tissue that is bothering you.  You have complete control of this picture on the Amwell website. You upload the photo at the beginning of our visit and you can delete it as soon as the visit is over.  A picture is needed because the video quality is not nearly as good. You may feel more comfortable taking the photo if it doesn’t show identifying features like your face.

If you have insurance, I can order lab work to be performed at any Quest or Labcorp location.  Here are the links to find your nearest Quest or Labcorp location.  Sometimes your insurance will want labs to be done specifically with one company and not the other.  Your insurance will generally cover lab work ordered by an out of network provider but you would need to contact them for verification. 

If you don’t have insurance or if you are searching for low-cost labs, then I can order labwork to be performed at a Quest lab through CURA4U.  If you live in Colorado, low-cost screening labs can also be obtained through the 9Healthfair. Results from CURA4U and from the 9Healthfair are given directly to you and not to me.  

For salivary hormone testing, we use ZRT labs.  Prescription Alternatives will send you a testing kit for $5.  

I’m also happy to review any previous lab results that you want to share.

I can order an ultrasound at the location of your choice.  Your insurance will generally cover ultrasounds ordered by an out of network provider but you would need to contact them for verification.

If you don’t have insurance or if you are searching for low-cost ultrasounds, then it can be ordered through CURA4U to be performed at a Green Imaging center.  Price-comparison websites include New Choice Health and in Colorado, the Center for Improving Value in Healthcare.

If you are an established client then please contact me through the Amwell patient portal {link] as it is HIPPA secure and the correspondence becomes part of your medical record. These messages go directly to Dr. Tomlinson who answers them regularly.  

If you are a new patient then please contact me by email: HIPPA is a federal law that requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.  Video, pictures, and messages on the Amwell platform are HIPPA secure. Email correspondence is not HIPPA secure but it can be used to ask non-medical questions.  

Dr. Amy Tomlinson, OnlineGyn, Online Women’s Healthcare

Mailing Address: 305 S Ridge St., #28, PO Box 28, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Call: 720-432-2581

Fax: 304.853.5132

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If you have questions about your compounded medication prescription, please contact Prescription Alternatives.  

Phone  (970) 668-8482


Fax:  970-668-8492

Mailing Address:  PO Box 897, Frisco, CO 80443

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Our provider document can be located here.

I prefer Prescription Alternatives in Frisco, Colorado. They provide exceptional service, can mail the medication directly to your home, and have very competitive pricing. 
Phone - (970) 668-8482
Email -
Fax - 970-668-8492
Mailing address - Box 897, Frisco CO 80443

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