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Family Planning

Online Women’s Healthcare provides tailored advice for the full spectrum of family planning.  From birth control prescriptions, preconception evaluation, to fertility assistance--we’ve got you covered.  

Contraception (Birth Control) 

  • We provide contraception counseling tailored to your unique self.  This includes attention to many factors including your past experiences, preferences, medical history, current medications, degree of effectiveness needed, and period management needs. 
  • 1 year prescriptions for the birth control pill, skin patch, and vaginal ring can be sent to your pharmacy.
  • We can clearly explain how to effectively use a diaphragm, natural family planning, condoms, spermicide, and withdrawal (pulling out).  
  • While I am unable to administer IUDs, nexplanon implants, or depo provera shots online, we can review whether or not these methods would be a good fit for you.  

Preconception Evaluation

  • Preconception counseling improves maternal and child outcomes.  Evaluation may include lifestyle assessment, supplement counseling, gene carrier screening, and immunity screening.  

Conception Advising (Trying to Conceive) 

  • When women plan pregnancy, some want to just continue their usual lifestyle and intercourse patterns.  Other women are interested in actively trying to get pregnant, especially when pregnancy timing is important.  We provide management advice for women who want to actively try to conceive.  
  • If you have not conceived within 6-12 months then we can perform fertility assessment and provide infertility management.  More information can be found on our Infertility page here.

We would be honored to assist you!

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