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Contact Online Women’s Healthcare

If you are an established client then please contact us through the Amwell patient portal here, as it is HIPPA secure and the correspondence becomes part of your medical record. These messages go directly to Dr. Tomlinson who answers them regularly.  


If you are a new patient then please contact us by email: Please note that email correspondence is not HIPPA secure. HIPPA is a federal law that requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information. Video, pictures, and messages on the Amwell platform are HIPPA secure. Email correspondence is not HIPPA secure but it can be used to ask non-medical questions.


Dr. Amy Tomlinson, Online Women’s Healthcare
Email -
Mailing address - 2780 S. Jones Blvd Ste #200-3903, Las Vegas NV, 89146
Fax number - 304-607-7243


If you have questions about your compounded medication prescription please contact Prescription Alternatives.

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